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From crafting captivating brand identities to designing seamless interfaces, developing stunning websites, infusing motion magic, and editing videos that captivate—welcome to my hub.

With a blend of expertise, creativity, and a touch of magic, I'm here to transform your ideas into captivating realities. Let's collaborate and make your digital dreams come true!


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    UX/UI Design

    Imagine a website or app that feels like second nature to your users—a seamless journey where every click, swipe, and tap is a delight. That's the power of UX/UI Design, where user-centricity meets stunning visuals.

    I've been passionately crafting digital experiences for three years, and my weapon of choice is Figma. With its dynamic features, I breathe life into ideas, molding them into captivating designs.

    But this isn't just about design; it's about results. It's about turning visitors into avid fans, driving clicks into conversions, and making your brand unforgettable in the digital realm.

    Let's design your tomorrow. Your users are waiting to be wowed, and I'm here to make it happen.

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    Website development

    Imagine having your ideas seamlessly translated into interactive online experiences. Envision a website that's more than just pages—it's an engaging journey, perfectly blending design, functionality, and skillful coding (or the finesse of Webflow).

    I specialize in turning your concepts into captivating online realities. With a strong focus on design aesthetics, a knack for user-friendly functionality, I create websites that serve as digital ambassadors for your brand. I possess the versatility to weave your vision into reality using a range of platforms — Webflow, Framer, WordPress, Strapi.

    Let's collaborate to give life to your vision, element by element. Your ideas deserve a platform, and I'm here to build it. Get ready to reshape your online presence with website development that mirrors your unique aspirations.

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    Crafting brand identities and sculpting logos isn't just a job; it's a passion. With every stroke and color choice, I create a visual story that captures the essence of your business. Each brand I work on is meticulously designed to stand out, not as a clone, but as an authentic voice in its domain.

    I'm dedicated to ensuring that your brand shines like no other. Whether you're a budding startup or an established enterprise, I'll collaborate closely with you to understand your ethos and translate it into a visual masterpiece. Your brand's identity won't just be a logo; it will be an emblem of your values, culture, and aspirations.

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    Motion design

    Design is captivating on its own, but when brought to life with motion, it takes on a whole new dimension.

    From subtle transitions that guide the eye to dynamic animations that steal the show, I craft motion that enhances the user experience and makes your content truly pop. Whether it's a logo reveal, a website interaction, or a captivating video, I ensure that each motion element enhances the narrative and amplifies the impact.

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    Video editing

    In today's fast-paced world, capturing attention is an art. It's about crafting videos that don't just showcase but tell a compelling story.

    Ready to embark on a visual journey together? Your brand deserves videos that don't just tell but show, videos that leave a lasting impact. Get ready to elevate your brand's narrative with videos edited with precision and flair. And in case you missed it, don't forget to check out my showreel—it's a glimpse into the magic I can bring to your projects!


  • We worked with Leon on UX prototypes for our website and multi-user web application. A great communicator and always forthcoming, Leon is a visual design ace and smashed it in all regards.Robert StroblCEO at Digital Samba

A look intoMy process


The starting point of any design project is developing a deep understanding of the brief and the client's needs. This includes identifying the project goals and functional requirements. Ultimately, this approach ensures that the final design is not only visually appealing but also highly functional and effective in achieving the desired outcomes.


The most important part of my design approach involves identifying the appropriate mood and tone that aligns with each project's unique characteristics. From there, I aim to synthesize various design concepts and versions to identify the most suitable solution.


In my design work, I place a strong emphasis on incorporating motion and interaction. I believe that these elements are essential in creating a satisfying and engaging experience for the audience. Even a small, subtle motion or microinteraction can significantly improve the overall experience and leave a lasting impression on the user.

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