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I have been tasked with designing a new website for North2 with my fellow designer. My role in this project was UX/UI designer while my mentor lead the whole art direction process. Our goal was to create a more serious and professional look compared to their previous website. However, we still wanted to inject some fun and quirkiness into the design to keep it interesting and engaging for visitors.

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A key challenge for us was to understand and meet the needs of the target audience. We tried to do a little turnaround for our company and showcase more work that is not all about presentation and interaction. We made few platforms that had a lot of UX research behind it, so we wanted to provide them with a glimpse into the various components and processes that make up our business, in order to build transparency and trust.

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To strike the right balance between professionalism and fun, we embarked on a creative journey that led us to adopt a clean and minimalist design. However, we knew that mere simplicity wouldn't be enough to captivate our audience. Hence, we strategically infused the design with pops of vibrant colors, playful elements and micro-interactions, creating a visually engaging experience.

Ensuring consistency throughout the website was a critical aspect of our design process. To achieve this, I took charge of crafting a comprehensive design system. This system acted as our guiding light, providing clear and concise guidelines for colors, typography, layout, and other essential design elements.

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Final word

Overall, I am extremely proud of the North2 website that we have created. While we faced some challenges along the way, we were able to overcome them by implementing solutions that ensured the website was both professional and engaging.

I believe that we have created a website that not only showcases our company and projects, but also provides a great user experience for our clients and visitors. I look forward to continuing to improve and update the website as our company grows and evolves.

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