Designing a website for a global kids Escape room

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This is my first professional project that I had privilege to work on. I worked on this with another designer who helped with the layout and design of some sections while I contributed by leading the discovery phase and designing the user interface. Overall, Cluville represents the convergence of immersive storytelling, interactive design, and educational engagement.

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Designing for a global audience meant considering accessibility and inclusivity factors. We had to ensure that the user interface was accessible to everyone. This involved careful consideration of color contrasts, font sizes, and user interactions to accommodate varying needs.

Another significant challenge encountered because of need for scalability and expansion to accommodate future growth. As the project aimed to extend its reach to different countries, it was essential to design the user interface in a way that allowed for the addition of more escape rooms in the future and showcased them effectively on the homepage.

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We made sure our design was accessible by following specific rules for colors, fonts, and images.

Regarding future expansions, our modular and flexible homepage layout easily accommodates the addition of new escape rooms. With a content management system, administrators can effortlessly add and manage new rooms while maintaining consistency.



The Cluville project has been an incredible journey of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The iterative design process played a vital role in shaping the Cluville experience. Through continuous user testing and feedback, we refined and enhanced the user interface, ensuring that it provided a seamless and delightful adventure for young participants. I believe that Cluville will continue to inspire and empower children, fostering their love for exploration, learning, and teamwork.

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