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Race Mango is a platform my team and I developed that provides a comprehensive database of outdoor events such as marathons, running, cycling, and other endurance events. The platform allows users to search and filter events based on location, distance, event type, and other criteria, making it easy for people to find and participate in events that interest them.

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The journey of bringing Racemango to life was filled with numerous obstacles, and among them, the task of designing race filters proved to be one of them. After a research where we filtered different type of events into categories I crafted a set of icons that truly represented each event category, adding a touch of visual appeal to the platform.

Designing a platform that could accommodate a large and diverse database of racing events required careful consideration of the information architecture. Organizing the vast amount of data in a way that was intuitive, easy to navigate, and scalable was a complex task.

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To overcome this challenges I started by creating a clear and logical information architecture,so users can effortlessly find the events they are interested in. I used UX tools like UX Tweaks and Optimalworkshop for conducting usability tests, gathering user feedback, and analyzing user behavior.

Throughout the Racemango project, I collaborated closely with the developers in multiple meetings to bring our design vision to life. Our shared goal was to create a platform that would be accessible and enjoyable for all users, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities. By working hand in hand with the development team, we ensured that the platform was responsive, inclusive, and optimized for various devices.


final word

From the moment I stepped in this project, it has been a truly enlightening experience for me. Seeing the design evolution of the index page provided me with valuable insights into the complexity of UI design and development.

Every element we crafted serves a meaningful purpose, making the project's success even more fulfilling. I look forward to seeing how our continued efforts will further enhance Racemango's impact and user satisfaction.

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